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Variants of Recyclobin



It comprises of multiple bins that can store numerous waste types depending on the recycling norms at user's city. Default options are biodegradable (food & paper), plastic and miscellaneous (cans, bottles, etc.)

Ideal for individual house

available in both auto & manual variants

multiple capacity options starting standard 70 L

Dimensions (LxBxH): 0.5m x 0.47m x 1.25m

It comprises of a single bin that can be used for either biodegradable or plastic waste at a given time. Several such units are required to ensure waste segregation.

Ideal for bulk generators

e.g. restaurants, shopping malls, housing complex, airports, offices, etc.

available in both auto & manual variants

multiple capacity options starting standard 40 L

Dimensions starting (LxBxH): 0.41m x 0.41m x 0.76m


An optimal solution for your business

Say goodbye to ordinary garbage bins! The new mini series of smart compactors are perfectly designed, compact and affordable to match your business requirements. With starting capacity at 40L and occupying an area little more than a square foot, it perfectly fits your office or retail space. The mini compactor reduces volume of waste by up to 15 times and has a power rating of only ~30W. Contact us to know more.

A complete solution for individual house 

Segregate and compact

Recyclobin MULTI-compact has 3 garbage inlets: for biodegradable (food and paper) waste, for plastic waste, and for remaining miscellaneous waste. The inlets are closed by spring loaded flaps that can be opened with a slight push of the hand. As a safety feature, the flaps won't open during compaction process. 

Recyclobin draws power from single phase AC power source. The power consumed per day is minimal as the compactor motor usually operates once per day. Manually operated Recyclobin consume even lesser power.


Recyclobin has an outlet pipe at the bottom which is used to drain the moisture extracted from wet food waste. The removal of moisture from wet waste prevents foul odor and pest infestation.

The operating panel comprises of tactile buttons and LCD display that shows the level of garbage in each bin along with the number of days left before getting completely filled. 

Dispose waste once a month

Recyclobin MULTI-compact stores segregated waste in separate bins. These bins can be accessed by opening the bin door. As a safety feature, the bin door doesn't open unless AC power is turned off. The miscellaneous waste bin is separate and doesn't get compacted during compression cycle.

The bins have handles that can be used to lift and pull the bins out of Recyclobin for clearing. The bins have detachable bases that are pushed to remove dense compact waste blocks.

Recyclobin is an IOT device as it has sensors and connects to internet, enabling continuous remote monitoring of garbage level.

Ultra compression of waste allows Recyclobin to store up to a month's garbage for a typical 4-5 member family. 


Perfect solution for bulk generators

Recyclobin UNI-compact offers a specially designed dual chamber mechanism housing large bins for bulk storage of a single type of waste. It is suitable for commercial places like restaurants, shopping malls, airports and housing complexes.

Large bins for bulk storage

UNI-compact has a single inlet for for garbage and is closed with a lid. The input bin keeps storing garbage, and when a certain level of garbage is reached, it lets the entire mass of garbage fall into the compaction chamber, where it is compacted into a small volume.

There are two types of single compactors: one for biodegradable waste (food and paper), and another for plastic waste.

Easy disposal of waste

The compaction bin keeps storing compressed mass of garbage for several weeks. Once full, the bin can be taken out of the compactor by opening the bin door. The compaction bin is provided with handles on the sides and wheels at the bottom to ease transportation. The bin is specially designed for easy clearing of compact garbage when required.