RecycloBin Manual waste compactor

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Garbage bin

Compaction chamber


Release lever

RecycloBin manual compactor works without electricity. It's patented mechanism allows compactor to generate more than 300 kg force by rotating the hand-wheel, which can reduce waste volume by almost 10 times.


Garbage bin is used just like regular bin, When it gets full, it is placed in the compaction chamber and compacted.

The garbage bin is ready for use again. This way the garbage bin can be used repeatedly without clearing it.

Separate garbage bins can be used for dry waste and wet waste, thereby facilitating waste segregation. 

RecycloBin is made from high quality corrosion free steel, and has a long life. The standard capacity of garbage bin is 60 L.


RecycloBin Automatic waste compactor

Inlet lid

Input bin

compaction chamber

Say goodbye to ordinary garbage bins! RecycloBin smart compactors are perfectly designed, compact and affordable to match your business needs. With starting capacity at 40L and occupying little more than a square foot area, it perfectly fits your office or retail space. The automatic compactor reduces waste volume by ~6 times and power consumption is no more than a light bulb.

Garbage is dumped from the top. The inlet lid opens and closes with the press of a button. The lid color changes to indicate garbage level.

The automatic compactor compresses garbage and stores in the compaction chamber bin, which can be taken out for clearing. RecycloBin automatic compactor can also be monitored using smartphone app. (under development).


RecycloBin offers customized solutions

Realizing that different businesses have different needs, we offer customized solutions best suited for your specific needs, using the different options and capabilities listed below.

Please fill and submit the form below and we will revert with a customized design along with a price quotation within 3-5 working days.

Power Option

  • Manual

  • Semi-Automatic

  • Automatic

  • Solar powered


  • Single bin 
    (bin cannot be used during compaction process)

  • Dual bin
    (bin can be used to dispose trash even when waste compaction is going on)

Bin position

  • Internal
    (bin is used directly with compactor machine)

  • External
    (bin is used as regular garbage bin outside compactor machine)


Compaction mechanism

  • Hydraulic

  • Scissor lift with leadscrew

  • Direct leadscrew

  • Rack and pinion

  • Wire rope with pulley

  • Electric motor


Bin shape

  • Cylindrical bin

  • Rectangular bin


Bin capacity

  • Starting 40L

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