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  • How is RecycloBin Smart Waste Compactor Bins different from regular dustbins?

Regular dustbins do not have cause any impact on the volume of waste that is being discarded in it, however, RecycloBin Smart Waste Compactor Bins are different. With the use of patented technology, RecycloBin Smart Waste Compactor Bins can reduce the volume of waste by 6 to 10 times its original volume.

  • What are smart waste compactors bins?

Smart Waste Compactor bins are powerful bins (dustbins) with additional smart features to efficiently manage waste management needs. Smart Waste Compactor Bins like RecycloBin can reduce the volume of waste by 6 to 10 times its original volume.

  • What is RecycloBin Manual Smart Waste Compactor Bin?

RecycloBin Manual is the world’s first manual waste compactor bin which can compact garbage volume by six to ten times the original volume! RecycloBin's patented technology and high-quality components ensure robust performance even in harsh weather conditions or challenging operating environments. RecycloBin Manual saves you space, time, effort without any extra expenses of electricity.

  • What is RecycloBin Automatic Smart Waste Compactor Bin?

RecycloBin Automatic Smart Waste Compactor Bin perfectly fits your waste management needs in the most hygienic way. The waste level is indicated on the front panel. The garbage can be discarded into the bin through touch-free front/top opening flap.
With its patented technology, RecycloBin, reduces waste volume by six to ten times its original volume and power consumption are no more than a light bulb.


  • What is RecycloBin Smart Assist (Smart waste monitoring and management application)?

Gain complete visibility and control of your waste management and recycling operation systems. Using RecycloBin Smart Assist systems, you can monitor waste levels of all your garbage bins and assign housekeeping staff for clearance- all from a single platform!
This powerful cloud based smart IoT application enables you to easily manage waste clearance activities in multiple buildings across multiple locations. 

  • What is RecycloBin UltraEye Smart Sensors (Intelligent waste level fill monitoring)?

RecycloBin UltraEye Smart Sensors are intelligent and reliable waste sensors which measures fill levels in bins. Ultrasonic technology ensures high accuracy and precision in measurement of fill levels.
They can be used to monitor and measure both dry and waste; such as paper, plastic, biodegradable and non-biodegradable and other types of waste.
RecycloBin UltraEye Smart Sensors can be clubbed with our intelligent and innovative IoT platform, RecycloBin Smart Assist for optimum results. Both the products offer a complete solution for an improved waste management system.
Standalone IoT sensors can be fitted with RecycloBin or regular bins.


  • Why wireless ultrasonic technology for waste level monitoring? 

Wireless ultrasonic technology ensures high accuracy in measuring fill levels and hence are often used in waste level monitoring in bins (dustbins).


  • What kind of waste can RecycloBin waste compactor bins process?

RecycloBin Manual and Automatic waste compactor bins can process wide variety of commonly generated waste such as paper waste, plastic waste, food waste etc.

  • Where can we use RecycloBin waste compactor bins?

RecycloBin Manual and Automatic Smart Waste compactor bins are widely used in trains, ships, offices, shopping malls, hostel, cafes, restaurants, restrooms, airports, and many other such commercial places.

  • What are the differences between waste baler machines and waste compactor bins?

A waste baler is a commercial machine used in establishments generating garbage at large scale. The loose waste is processed into big bales (blocks of solid garbage). The entire process requires several steps to finally secure the processed garbage using plastic or strapped using wires. Waste baler machines are expensive and labour intensive and are used to process tons of garbage at an industrial scale.
Waste compactor bins, on the other hand, are the replacement of regular dustbins only much more efficient. Waste compactor bins are lesser expensive, easy to install and do not have special maintenance requirement. Smart Waste Compactor Bins like RecycloBin can reduce the volume of waste by 6 to 10 times its original volume. They are used by individuals and businesses that are looking to save time, cost and money and improve their waste management infrastructure.

  • What are the benefits of RecycloBin?

RecycloBin Smart Waste Compactor bins reduces garbage volume 6 to 10 times helping you save time, space, effort and cost. 

Volume reduction at the source provides several health and environment benefits, such as:

- Zero garbage spills
- Reduced infestation of pests and rodents
- Zero touch ensures improed hygiene

- Uncompacted waste emit as high as 5.2 kg per tonne during waste transportation. With RecycloBin, CO2 emissions are reduced by 63%, as waste is now transported in compacted form. This saves about 1023 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

- Because of waste compaction by 6-10 times, number of trips required by garbage trucks can be reduced by 75%. Reduced number of trips in turn saves fuel, pollution causing factors, traffic congestion, etc.


  • How does RecycloBin communicate with humans?

RecycloBin is a smart appliance and can detect human presence in front of it. On detection, it activates the opening and closing of the flap for discarding waste.
The smart panel available in the front of RecycloBin is designed to show the fill levels of the bin for helping you plan dustbin clearance activities.
RecycloBin has an optional audio feature to provide audio instructions while operating.
RecycloBin is clubbed with the Internet of Things to send data to a cloud server which then can be retrieved on RecycloBin Smart Assist mobile application. The mobile app is used to visualize trends and display actionable information on your mobile for you to take control of.


  • Where can you use RecycloBin?

RecycloBin is ideal for indoor and outdoor residential and commercial real estate such as trains, ships, submarines, technology parks and office spaces, schools, shopping malls, parks, restaurants, hotels, airports etc.


  • What kind of garbage can you discard in RecycloBin?

RecycloBin is ideal for paper waste, plastic waste, food waste, and other commonly generated waste. 

  • Can RecycloBin be used in both indoor and outdoor locations?

Yes, RecycloBin solutions are ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor residential and commercial real estate.

  • What is the standard available capacity of RecycloBin?

RecycloBin Automatic comes in 80L and RecycloBin Manual in 130L. 

  • Can we customize the size and capacity of RecycloBin?

Customization options are available for bulk orders. Kindly contact the RecycloBin team for more details.

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