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A smart connected appliance

  • Live display of garbage level along with days remaining

  • Connects to internet enabling remote monitoring

  • Controlled via smartphone app with trend on garbage generated, carbon footprint and many more

Why Recyclobin?


Application areas of Recyclobin

Improve housekeeping efficiency at

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Make a positive impact on environment 

Recyclobin facilitates waste segregation and compaction at source helping waste recycling

Waste collection and processing are major cost drivers of waste management cycle

Reduce collection cost

The number of trips required to collect waste can be reduced by 80% because more waste can be stored in Recyclobin than ordinary bins. Remote monitoring of garbage levels also help in route planning and increased efficiency of waste collection services.

Reduce processing cost

Recyclobin facilitates waste segregation at source by storing plastic waste separate from bio-degradable waste (food and paper), and other waste. Recyclobin can be customized to segregate as many types of waste as required.


Business opportunities 

Product Sales

Become a Recyclobin distributor, increase adoption of the product, idea and the noble cause to protect our environment. Also manage customer support and service.

Collection Partner

Perform as the most vital bridge between waste generation points and recycling units. Remotely monitor waste levels, schedule, collect and transport waste.

Recycling Partner

Convert waste into saleable products using various technologies. One can choose between biodegradable, plastic or metallic waste recycling units. 

Start-up recognized by Govt. of India

Certificate No. DIPP37524