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21 less known facts you need to know this World Environment Day!

1) You can save 75,000 trees by RECYCLING a single run of your Sunday newspaper.

2) 1,000,000 sea creatures die every year because of PLASTIC garbage thrown into the ocean.

3) 33% of an average LANDFILL is made up of PACKAGING material.

4) 100 acres of RAINFORESTS are dying every minute!

5) It takes 4000 years for a GLASS bottle to decompose.

6) Every year, 10 MILLION TREES are cut down to make TOILET PAPER.

7) It takes 1000 years for STYROFOAM and PLASTIC to decompose.

8) The USA accounts for 30% of the total world's waste.

9) The energy you save when you RECYCLE 1 glass bottle, can power a light bulb for 4 hours!

10) Every year 5 MILLION tons of oil are spilled into oceans, killing millions of MARINE life.

11) 30-50% of the total species on Earth will disappear by 2050.

12) 375 km2 per day, that's the rate at which we losing our forests.

13) More than 27% of our coral reefs have been destroyed, the remaining will be gone in another 30 years.

14) We have an garbage island of PLASTICS that is floating in our ocean and is the combined size of India, Europe and Mexico!

15) In 2014, the Earth's CO2 levels recorded the highest in 800,000 years

16) 100 billion PLASTIC bags are discarded every year, only 0.6% RECYCLED!

17) As much as 5000 people die every day drinking unclean WATER

18) 1 Million seabirds and 100 million mammals die every year because of pollution.

19) Every year, more than 3 MILLION children under 5 years die from environmental factors.

20) The richest 10% of the world's population contribute 50% of the world's CARBON emissions.

21) Everyday, 2 million tons of human waste is disposed in water bodies.

Bonus fact: Did you know that RecycloBin Smart Waste Compactor bins help reduce 63% of CO2 emissions and fuel savings by 75%?

That is about 1023 tonnes of CO2 emissions saved in a year.

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1 Comment

Rachana Das
Rachana Das
Jun 05, 2021

Very nice facts

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