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What are the differences between a waste baler and a waste compactor?

Although both waste baler machine and waste compactor machine are used to compress and reduce volume of garbage, both of these devices are used for very different purposes.

A waste baler is a commercial machine used in establishments generating garbage on a large scale. By using a waste baler, loose waste are processed into big bales, which are blocks of solid garbage.

The entire process requires several steps to finally secure the processed garbage using plastic or strapped using wires. Waste baler machines are expensive and labour intensive and are used to process tons of garbage at an industrial scale.

Moreover, waste baler machines are used for materials such as paper, plastics, metal, piees of cardboard etc which are usually thick and dense and difficult to transport in their loose form.

Waste compactor bins, on the other hand, are a replacement of regular dustbins only much more efficient. Waste compactor bins are lesser expensive, easy to install and do not have special maintenance requirement. Smart Waste Compactor Bins like RecycloBin can reduce the volume of waste by 6 to 10 times its original volume.

RecycloBin Smart Waste Compactor Bins can reduce waste such as food waste, paper waste, plastic waste and other commonly generated waste.

Waste compactor bins are used by individuals and businesses that are looking to save time, cost and money and improve their waste management infrastructure.


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